Monday, February 15, 2010

Success on the tradeshow floor-more than just sell sell sell

The challenges of business today is that it has become more and more impersonal. With the Internet as a prime channel of business to business marketing, we tend to lose that personal relationships we had with our customers, our vendors, and even our fellow co-workers. It is so easy to snap off an email and dispense with all the formalities that go along with meeting someone in person, or for that matter, talking on the phone. We think we know all about a company by checking their website and doing a Google search. But what we sometimes forget is that business is about relationships. People make the products. They provide the service. And we buy from people. Yes, the Internet makes doing business a lot easier in some ways. But the bottom line is, in the long run it's about relationships.

Meeting people, face-to-face. Find out what their challenges are. Issues. Concerns. Getting to know them. Understand them. And get them to know and understand you.

With that in mind, NEC Informatec Systems and the EMIStream Team fully know and understand that building relationships is key to building business. Their participation in key technology tradeshows such as the recent DesignCon ( is about getting to know the prospective customers and sharing a little about themselves. It's about team spirit. It's about reaching out. And it's about enjoying the time spent together. That's why the team created the SS NEC cruise theme and beckoned guest to "join them as they set sail for effortless PCB design". The infectious enthusiasm spread throughout the show and guests "jumped on board" and joined in the fun.

The bottomline, NEC continued to gather more leads than previous years, and recruited more attendees at their private seminar showcasing their products. The enthusiasm is growing and the team spirit is getting stronger. Build relationships. Win customers. Win business. And enjoy the cruise.