Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year! Time to retool business strategies.

For many, the start of the New Year is an annual reminder that in business, stagnation means death, and the vitality of any business is all about change. 2006 launches two power-engines of change, CES and MacWorld. No longer the domain of techno-nerds, both shows have embraced the open market of everyday-people as well as the glitterati of Hollywood, fashion and the 'rich and famous'.

With the likes of Microsoft's Bill Gates and Sony's Howard Stringer sitting side-by-side with Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, the Black Eyed Peas, Dan Marino and Justin Timberlake, CES is more about "lifestyle Americana" and "coolness" than techno-wizardry (almost).

And who won't be sporting the cool, sleek, "gotta-have" iPod at MacWorld? The evolution from "techno-different for the few" to "digital-cool for the masses" has invigorated Apple, and has opened up the floodgates of streaming digital content into our daily life.

A smart business plan embraces change. How we retarget, move, alter, switch, test, retreat and leap can mean the difference between glorious success and dismal failure. As the digital stream flows through our every business action and transaction, we need to be nimble and fluid to ride the waves in the sea of constant uncertainty.

Discover. Test. Try. Discard. Adopt. Move-on.

Welcome to the New Year, :-)