Thursday, May 26, 2005

Surviving the downturn, building lasting relationships

Welcome to Design2Market's blog on creative marketing solutions for the business to business marketplace.

Having worked in Silicon Valley for over 25 years, we have been a part of the explosive growth of the tech sector that has shaped the world.

From the early days of semiconductor development (Osborne Computers, Intel Inside, IBM, HP, National Semiconductor) to many of the emerging technology companies in the embedded environment (networking, video compression) as well as middleware application software, biotech and entertainment, we've seen Silicon Valley morph into the technological center of the universe.

We've also experienced the downside of technology, the collapse of the economy including many of our clients (big and small) downsizing, off-shoring, and even closing down.

Yet, we've survived.

What have we learned over the past decades is that change and evolution are a constant of business. Yet basic business fundamentals, delivering quality products and services, filling a market need, interpersonal relationships and respect for others are as important to business as turning a profit.

We look to the future of continued relationships in a team effort to create "win-win" results for all. We encourage your ideas, comments, critiques, examples and stories (good and bad) so that we can learn, share, grow and prosper.

:-) Steve