Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is Social Media the New Marketing Tool for Small Business?

As "everybody" is jumping on the bandwagon, Social Media and web 2.0 is all the rage in Silicon Valley. With Social Media gurus touting thousands of followers on Twitter, and thousands of friends on Facebook, one wonders if anybody out there is really doing any work, or are we busy thinking of things to tweat about (which no one really cares about). If Twitter gives us the up to date happenings of our "closest" friends or interested parties, how can one read the thousands of tweats a day let alone "learn from it" or enrichen our lives? Is it all about adding to the clutter? Throwing "mud" on the wall and see what sticks? Have we lost sight of what Social Media is really all about?

Building relationships, strengthening our community, sharing experiences. Fundamentally, these advance technological tools can enhance our lives. But along the way, we went overboard, got greedy, and over consumed like we always do.

Sometimes it's important to just stop. Set things aside. And re-evaluate. "Is it really making my life better? Is it adding value to my friendships? My relationships?"

How does it help my small business? Is it draining resources? Or is it adding value to business relationships? Am I learning from others? Is there a healthy exchange.

In the process of redesigning our own website, these are questions that we are going to have to ask ourselves. And design a process that will really add value... not just clutter.