Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mobile enabled websites

It’s great that mobile devices can now display your company’s website on its browser. But wait. Can you read it? How combersome to have to zoom in and scroll around, then zoom out to find the information you need. Viewing websites on a mobile device can be extremely frustrating. That’s why mobile device friendly websites is perfect for the business person on the go. No more zooming in and out and scrolling around. The type is formated specifically for mobile devices in a simple easy-to-read layout. The best sites don’t just take the content of a website and reflow it, but edit the content specifically for reading on a very small screen. Only the essentials.

As this is a new but growing field, it will be interesting to see how websites will evolve to accomodate good copy and graphics that will be of value to the mobile warrior.

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